How to Turn Your Outdoor Room into a Livable Space

I love being outdoors. It just seems to be good for the soul, and recent studies say it’s good for your health, but did we really need a study for that? The fresh air, smell of fresh-cut grass, gentle warm breeze, and birds singing are just what the doctor ordered.

If you have a porch or a deck, this is the time to make sure your outdoor space is ready for use. There are many ways to make it the place to be.


First, make sure you have comfortable seating. Think of this room like you would any indoor room. A comfortable place to sit is very important. Without it, you won’t want to linger here. The type of furniture you can keep outdoors is determined by whether or not it is covered. There’s also the sun, wind, and rain to consider. So even if the porch is covered, some areas may be exposed to wind and rain. The covered porch at our farm gets a lot of wind because it’s on a hill without many trees nearby, whereas our city porch is very sheltered and gets little wind.


Next, you’ll need a table and chairs to dine al fresco. I like to use an indoor table and chairs for my porch if I can. Our porch is covered, but can get some sideways wind and rain at times, so when we aren’t using the table, we cover it with a tarp to protect it. If you don’t want to tarp your table, you can use a table meant for outdoor use.

Be sure to consider some areas for lounging. I call it “lounging” but I really mean napping. A hammock is a great spot for a nap. You can even add a daybed to your porch for serious napping, like I did. We have a daybed on our porch that works as a sofa most of the time. I do bring the pillows and bedding inside when not in use, so it is a high-maintenance item.

back porch bed small

Another thing you’ll want for your outdoor living area is lighting. You might be able to use some electric, but candles are always good. I love the look of string lights too. On our back porch, I converted an electric chandelier to a candle chandelier (below).

You can also add a rug, curtains, throws, and pillows. If you have a party, you can bring things out just for the party, and return them indoors when the event is over. Bali Exterior Solar Shades installed on your porch can help protect your guests from sun and heat, too.

You can even bring out furniture like a china cabinet if you like. I did below.


Of course, my best piece of advice is to make it work for you and enjoy!

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