Outdoor Shades for Your Porch

We love our porch and spend as much time there in the summer as possible. With a daybed, we can entertain and use it as a sofa, or on a lazy afternoon, take a nap.

Photo credit: Cedar Hill Farmhouse

It’s all about lingering and relaxing at our farm. Rocking chairs and hammocks are set up with pillows and cushions so that there are many places you can enjoy the breeze. We encourage guests to leave their phones inside and come outdoors with board games and a cold drink. You can hear the frogs in the distance. Often we spot deer in the north pasture. They dart out of sight as soon as our collie Molly starts after them. It’s even lovely to sit out here when it rains. The water hitting the metal roof has a nice sound.

Photo credit: Cedar Hill Farmhouse

The thing is that it can get unbearably hot on the porch during the summer. The heat in Texas can be quite brutal. I’ve been looking into what we can do to help keep the porch cooler during the day and was so pleased when I learned about exterior solar shades.

Exterior solar shades are the perfect choice for an outdoor porch because they offer protection from the sun while still letting you enjoy the outdoor view. They are easy to clean, humidity tolerant, and economical.

What more could you ask for? Some might argue that you need a choice of fabrics. Bingo!

There are many neutral options that will work in a variety of settings.




Choose the openness factor you prefer. A higher openness percentage means more light comes through the fabric. Some fabrics have a pattern, and some are plain.

These shades are perfect for keeping the sun and heat off the porch. It helps cool your house too. You can choose a light color or a darker color.

It’s surprising, but dark fabrics with high openness percentages offer the best outdoor view.

And the shades aren’t just for porches. You can use them to cover windows on the outside. This helps keep the interior cool on hot days. This is a great way to block the sun when you don’t want it (especially if you don’t have any trees near your home).

You can measure yourself, or leave it to a professional. You choose what works for you.

Now, the porch is calling. Time to grab a drink and enjoy it!

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