How to Give Your Home a Fresh Look After the Holidays

The presents were opened, the Christmas tree is long gone, and the fruit cake is a hard rock. As you survey the room, you realize it looks … well … empty. So now what? I love the holidays, but I also love putting everything put away and starting with a fresh slate. But just because the […]

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7 Wallpaper Tips for the Timid

There’s no escaping the influx of wallpaper on my favorite home decor blogs—Scott and I are just as guilty. We can’t get enough of it! I fully admit to loving everything from dark, brooding florals to clean patterns, and with one of our guest rooms wallpapered already and our laundry room on the agenda, there’s no […]

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New Year, New View

Instead of thinking new year, new you—why not try a new view? Elevating the look and feel of your home for 2016 can be as easy as updating your window fashions. Installing new shades or blinds can drastically change your view and even offer perks like UV and glare protection, temperature control, and sound absorption, […]


Happy New Year!

Whether you’re gearing up for a night to remember or settling in with a glass of champagne—or something in between—you can’t help but reflect on 2015. Even people who seem forever forward-looking must quickly glance over their past year on December 31, right? Sentimental though we might be, we are honored that you’ve played a […]

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A Season of Giving, A Season of Thanks

Before fully looking forward into the new year and the opportunities for change and improvement it will bring (resolutions, anybody?), I wanted to take time to really reflect on giving thanks for what I have appreciated this year. ‘Tis the season, after all! And thanks are definitely warranted when it comes to my fellow Bali […]

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A Charismatic Christmas to You

I was sending a text yesterday a friend about Christmas, and kept encountering autocorrect. Isn’t it frustrating? But my phone, amusingly, anticipated that I was writing “charisma” instead of “Christmas.” Merry Charisma! It does have a certain ring, doesn’t it? (I wonder what it’ll think of “Happy New Year.”) But, all joking aside, I suddenly […]


A Very Copper Christmas

While we often stick with reds, golds, silvers, greens, and whites at Christmas, this year things are getting mixed up! And for the better. More and more, people are mixing metals this holiday season—still using the classic tones of the season, but also incorporating copper! Copper is making a comeback; let’s check out some of the cutest […]


Christmas Inspiration: Rustic Chic Trees

Gold, glitter, and glitz not your thing? I’ve got you covered today with some of the most beautiful rustic Christmas trees ever! While I know some people go for the sparkle at Christmas time, I happen to be more of a fan of neutrals, soft colors, and rustic all around. Rustic doesn’t automatically mean rough looking—it’s […]


How to Bring Scandinavian Style into Your Home This Winter

Scandinavian design is really popular right now, and winter is the perfect time to incorporate some Nordic style in your place. After all, Scandinavian winters are super long, so they know better than anyone how to combat darkness and beat the winter blues. Want to apply some of those principles to your own home? I’ve rounded up some simple […]