door curtains 6

Design idea: Drapes for doors    

During the coldest days of January and February, it feels like the winds can cut right through my house. Recently, I was watching a movie and the character had a heavy velvet drape covering the front door, which got me to thinking about both the beauty and utility of a draped door—especially one with large […]


The new curtains are here at last!

You know that time between when you order curtains and when they arrive? I’m referring to that exciting time when you are awaiting their arrival, wondering if they will be as beautiful as you imagined. I’ve been there for a few weeks. Then the wait was over. The boxes arrived. If you missed my selection […]

bedroom window treatment ideas

Window treatment makeovers for the bedroom and kitchen!

I’m currently renting the house I live in, so I’ve been hesitant to invest a lot in window coverings so far. But I’ve always been an advocate of making your house feel like your home, regardless of whether you’re a renter or a homeowner. After all, we spend so much time in our house, it’s […]

how to decorate with metallics

5 reasons to decorate with metallics

It’s no secret that I love anything metallic. I’m a copper and gold addict when it comes to decorating my house. To justify all the gold, I’ve actually developed five reasons why metallic finishes are necessary in my decor. I think that having some intention and purpose to my decorating has definitely helped the overall […]


A fresh perspective for your home’s kitchen

After more than a year-and-a-half of living in our house, Scott and I have thrown ourselves into our first big kitchen renovation—and we are learning so much along the way! While we know we want the overall aesthetic to feel clean and classic, we find ourselves getting stumped on the details. (This, honestly, is no […]

kitchen design trends 2015

What’s trending in today’s kitchen designs?

Your kitchen gets a workout every day. It’s the place for family meals (sometimes on the run!), a communications center (appointment calendars, notes on the chalkboard, and post-it notes), a studyhall for homework (from algebra to coupon clipping) and a haven for cooking and entertaining (pizza night, book club night, try-a-new-recipe night). It’s also a […]


The colors and textures of 2015

Since 2015 is just beginning, I thought it would be fun to make predictions about the big trends in interior design for the coming year. I’m not a professional trend forecaster or anything, but I do really enjoy reading blogs, following creative people on social media, and looking for common themes. One of the biggest […]


A new look for the new year: Selecting curtains

Looking for new curtains in your home? How do you decide which ones are best for you? First, you’ll need to select a color and pattern that works with your room. If you already have lots of colors, you will probably need to continue your theme. If your room has lots of patterns already, I […]

happy 2015

New outlook for the new year

If you are like me, the only way you can keep your day on track is by making lists. Grocery lists. Lists of meetings and due dates for work. To-do lists for chores around the house. And during the holidays there are even more lists –there’s keeping track of the parties, holiday programs, cookie baking, […]