Porch Living

It’s warming up and my thoughts are turning to my porch. There’s no place I would rather be. With the fresh air and cool breezes, why not come outside and enjoy the view? The first thing I like to do when it warms up is to clean off my furniture. It gets so dusty out here […]

How to Navigate the Bali Blinds Website to the Fullest

For the last several years, we’ve been slowly amassing a large collection of Bali Blinds for almost all the rooms in our home. We’ve dabbled in several styles, including tailored Roman shades, and solar and roller shades, and depending on the room, we’ve also covered an array of control options, from cordless to motorized! Having navigated […]

How to Use Free Swatches to Your Advantage

Choosing window treatments can sometimes feel like a mind game. Should you go sleek and simple, or should you choose pattern and color? What if you layered curtains, too? My advice would be to take a step back, and take note of the things that make your favorite room, well, your favorite. Maybe the room […]

How to Become a DIYer Overnight

DIY means a lot of different things to different people. Some want to create small crafts while others want to renovate an entire house. At the heart of being a DIYer is the desire to do something yourself. This can mean making something instead of buying it, or getting your hands dirty instead of calling […]

Our Go-To Window Treatment

Throughout our years of homeownership, Scott and I have tried it all. From the paint on our walls to the colors of our linens and the style of furniture, we’ve made mistakes—large and small! And discovered that just because I may love a red dining room in an inspiration photo, it doesn’t mean I’ll love it in our own […]

Seven Drapery Styles You Need to Know

Although drapes can seem pretty straightforward, there are so many options beyond pattern to create a totally custom look. I love playing around with different styles in different rooms and especially love mixing casual patterns with more formal headers—and vice versa—to create style juxtaposition. I’m usually not a huge fan of grommet top treatments, but, in […]

Measuring for Natural Shades & Drapes for a Nursery

This picture might look familiar to you since I shared my nursery design plans last month. In the meantime, I’ve been planning even more to make this space come together before the little one arrives. The shades and drapers are two of the big facets of the design. When it comes to newborn sleep, we […]

Interesting Artwork for Your Home

Artwork adds so much to a room—it gives it so much personality. The artwork in one home is typically so different from what you find in another home. It reflects the owner’s taste and gives a home character. I think homes would be so boring without any art. The amazing thing is that there are so […]