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Redesigning a Living Room with Natural Shades

(photo: Earnest Home) There is something wonderful about starting from a completely blank slate, isn’t there? This month, we had a few renovation issues which led further and further down a demolition rabbit hole, ending up with our living room stripped to the bare bones. Everything was already stripped down almost as far as it […]


Creating a Functional and Inspiring Garage

Of all the places we’ve lived in Chicago, this is our first home that has a garage we can call our own. It was a huge selling point for us, as we’d finally have the space to stash our bicycles, power tools, and (also for the first time) gardening supplies! But as we began renovating the […]

Outdoor Living: Inspiring Summer Deck Decorating

Summer is quickly approaching… although it already 100% feels like summer here in Phoenix. Summer makes me think of all things sunny, outside, and fun. While everyone’s summers may look a little different, I think we all can agree that outside is where it’s at! Late nights with bonfires and s’mores, candlelight dinners, backyard movies—it […]


A Beginner’s Guide to a Headache-Free Paint Job

Do you feel frustrated when you hear the phrase, “It’s just paint!“ I do, even though I’m completely guilty of saying it myself. This is usually a phrase thrown around as Scott and I debate the merits of this blue versus that blue, this white versus that white. “It’s just paint!“ we’ll say, meaning, it’s not that serious—you can […]


4 Window Treatment Installation Tips

1. Measure. And then measure again. When it comes to installing blinds, nothing makes the task more miserable than finding out your measurements were off. Not wide enough and you are left with a bad light gap. Too long or short and the bottom is all messed up! So measure the window once, then go […]

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5 Reasons to Love Roller (and Solar) Shades

There are several windows in my house that really give me trouble when I think about how to dress them. Some have gorgeous nineteenth-century moldings that I don’t want to cover, some are the only source of light for an entire room, and still others are in areas where I need light, but also need privacy. […]

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Organize Your Guest Room for Summer

I love hosting guests in my house. I have had dreams of opening a B&B and always practice by treating our weekend friends like they’re staying in a cozy getaway. The good news is you do not need ambitions of running an inn to still have guests who love staying with you. There are some total necessities […]


How to Turn Your Outdoor Room into a Livable Space

I love being outdoors. It just seems to be good for the soul, and recent studies say it’s good for your health, but did we really need a study for that? The fresh air, smell of fresh-cut grass, gentle warm breeze, and birds singing are just what the doctor ordered. If you have a porch or […]

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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Guest Bedroom Décor

We all have that guest bedroom in our homes that is totally neglected, except for when guests actually use it. It usually gets the “leftovers” of décor; random mishmash items that have no other spot in your home usually end up here. But what if you could literally transform that room in a weekend to […]