Seven Drapery Styles You Need to Know

Although drapes can seem pretty straightforward, there are so many options beyond pattern to create a totally custom look. I love playing around with different styles in different rooms and especially love mixing casual patterns with more formal headers—and vice versa—to create style juxtaposition. I’m usually not a huge fan of grommet top treatments, but, in […]

Measuring for Natural Shades & Drapes for a Nursery

This picture might look familiar to you since I shared my nursery design plans last month. In the meantime, I’ve been planning even more to make this space come together before the little one arrives. The shades and drapers are two of the big facets of the design. When it comes to newborn sleep, we […]

Interesting Artwork for Your Home

Artwork adds so much to a room—it gives it so much personality. The artwork in one home is typically so different from what you find in another home. It reflects the owner’s taste and gives a home character. I think homes would be so boring without any art. The amazing thing is that there are so […]

Have Your Pet and Clean Home, Too

We have three pets that we couldn’t love more—two (large!) pups, Jack and CC, and one (tiny!) cat, Libby. A question we hear more often than almost any other is, “How do you keep your home so clean? Where’s all the fur?” I’m here to tell you, we have fur! We find doggy drool marks on the […]

5 Must-See Home Décor Trends for 2017

Last year went by in a whirlwind, didn’t it? I hope it was full of joy for you. Along with a new year comes new styles on the horizon. That’s the fun thing about a new year—it’s a nice fresh start. A chance to be bold when previously more muted. A chance to change everything […]

5 Ways to Create Big Impact in Your Kitchen

What do you think of when you hear the term home décor? My first thoughts go to pillows, rugs, my collection of sentimental items on the bookcase, or my favorite photo on my bedside table. What I don’t always think of is décor in the kitchen! Until we completed our kitchen renovation last year, I didn’t realize how necessary […]

Introducing Bali Sheer & Layered Shades!

Ever dreamed of merging the best features of two things to get a superior result? This has hit-or-miss success in the real world—after all, we do have smartphones for calling, scheduling, ordering, messaging, navigating, and playing, but when was the last time you saw an animal hybrid that was not bizarre? We are thankful that […]

A Fresh Home for a Fresh Start

After a busy holiday season, the new year is always welcomed with open arms in our home. Like for so many others, January 1st not only signifies a time of inward reflection and resolution, but it truly feels like a fresh start. As the prior year winds down, Scott and I talk about everything the last 12 […]

Tips for Cutting Down the Electric Bill This Winter

Do you feel that chill in the air?  If you’re like me, you’re drinking hot cider and spiced lattes, layering on your favorite sweaters, and craving heartier meals. It’s also the time of year when Scott and I start closing our windows and start winterizing our home. Our house is an old lady, so there are several […]