Have Your Pet and Clean Home, Too


We have three pets that we couldn’t love more—two (large!) pups, Jack and CC, and one (tiny!) cat, Libby. A question we hear more often than almost any other is, “How do you keep your home so clean? Where’s all the fur?” I’m here to tell you, we have fur! We find doggy drool marks on the sofa and it’s not uncommon to trip over a toy ball or step on an unquestionable something. Still, we also love and respect our home, and, of course, we enjoy it when it’s tidied up. We do our best to be mindful of scattered dog beds and pet smells, and, in addition to daily vacuuming, we have small systems in place to keep our home in good health.


We use pet pads. The biggest rule in our home is No Dogs on the Furniture! We consider the bed, couch, and chairs throughout the house a safe zone for Libby. She’s free to roam as she wishes, but like most cats, she leaves her fair share of soft fur behind. We’ve found that using pet pads on her favorite sleeping spots help to elongate the life of our couch cushions (and my sleeping pillow!), but better yet, she loves them for the extra comfort they provide.


We have raised food bowls. Creating a raised stand for our dogs’ dishes not only helps them to dine more comfortably, but it also allows us to quickly mop underneath. Here is how we made ours, but any simple bracket system would work just as well. Get creative!

Libby has her own kitty corner. Does your cat have her own space? Until recently, Libby’s litter box was in a corner of the bedroom, and it was a daily struggle to keep the box away from our very curious pups. We added a small cat door to a lower cabinet in our laundry room, and that cabinet has become her private place to use the loo. She loves it, and we love that it cuts down on messy litter, is out of dogs’ reach and eliminates an otherwise unsightly necessity.


Baby gates help keep the peace. From time to time, we’ll find the need to whip out a baby gate, helping us to section off a room to keep the dogs separate from the cat. It’s not that they don’t get along (we like to say that they agree to disagree), but giving Libby her own space in the home can help to calm her kitty anxiety. That said, gates can be pretty, too! We made the version above, but today, there are plenty of styles on the market to blend into your home decor.

We keep fresh rags by the front door. A handful of soft cloths tucked in a shoe cabinet allow us to quickly wipe our dogs’ paws when we return home from long walks. Disposable wet wipes also do the trick, and we’re keeping our home that much cleaner while cleaning up any dust and debris that could irritate Jack and CC.


We keep them groomed. Does this take time? Yes. Is it for their health as much as it is for our clean home? Absolutely. While Scott bathes the dogs, I’ll start a laundry load for all the bed covers and pet pads, and I’ll take Libby outside for a brushing. Of course this is a big way to keep pet odors at bay, but it helps to cut down on excessive fur tumbleweeds!

We wholeheartedly believe that you can have your pets and a clean home, too. When it all comes down to it, we love them above all else, hairballs and all. And if you’re on the hunt for more helpful home tips and tricks, be sure to follow along with Bali Blinds on Pinterest!

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