Preparing a Rental Vacation Home

Have you ever dreamed of living some place different? We have been going to the mountains of North Carolina for vacation for 30 years. For a long time, we’ve talked about having our own place there when we retire. We planned to wait until we retire to buy a house, but decided that if we rented it out to vacationers, we could go ahead and get it now. And although we aren’t ready to retire, we found THE house recently. I mean, it needs some cosmetic work, but the view is truly amazing. There aren’t many homes here that have this view and are super close to Black Mountain, North Carolina.


The house sits right at the top of the ridge—I could look at that view all day long. Then, at night, when you can see all of the lights of the town, it’s just as lovely.


We aren’t moving there right away, in fact, we are aren’t ready to move. So we’re getting it ready to rent to guests this summer.

This is the kitchen. It’s not to my tastes, so I hope to remodel it at some point. Right now, though, my goal is to simply furnish the house. I want to remove the upper cabinets and that peninsula, too. The stove is electric, but there’s a gas line nearby for a gas grill, so I hope to change out the stove to gas later on. At this point, that’s all in the future.


The living room has nice cathedral ceilings. As you can see, I have lots of windows that need the Bali touch.


Do I go with my all time favorite natural shades: Bali Natural Shades in Cabo Placid?

blinds in bedroom

Or do I go with something else like Roman shades, wood blinds, or something else? I’ve got lots of decisions ahead of me.

Meanwhile, I went to thrift stores and shopped my house for extra items to bring to the mountains. I ordered mattresses online, and found a few dressers and night stands in Round Top, Texas, where the antique show is. Since I had a booth at an antique mall, it was easy to simply pack all the things that hadn’t sold.

I made a list of everything we needed for the house to rent it out: two sets of bedding for each bed, dishes, towels, a sofa, mattresses—you get the picture. I did my best to get what we needed for guests. I bought as much as I could here in Texas—in a few months we’ll head to Black Mountain to set up and we won’t have much time to shop.

The rental management company gave us a list of what we need in the house, so that was a perfect place to start. At first, I was very organized with a list of what we needed by room. By the end, I had piles of blankets, pillows, and other things. I just threw in the towel. I’m just going to open the boxes when we get there and see what we’re missing.

Even the front porch has a nice view.


There’s a lot of work ahead of me—some days my head spins with all that needs to get done. I’ve learned to have a high tolerance for the unknown, and I’ve accepted that I have to rely on other people to do things for me since I am handling most things from afar. When I feel tired I just pull up this view on my phone and I feel my shoulders relax.


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