Choosing the Right Shade for You and Your Environment

When it’s time to shop for the window treatments in your home, you may wonder, Where do I start? It can be an overwhelming process at the beginning, and we’ve even made missteps of our own over the years. It wasn’t until we were in our home for more than a year that we began to catch on to the habits that mattered most to us in terms of privacy and light control, and even then, we were amazed at the countless styles available. Luckily, I’m happy to share that if you break it down into a handful of steps, the process becomes much less staggering and a lot more manageable.

First, gather inspiration. If I’m starting to sound like a broken record, it’s because this step is crucial! When you’re starting blind, you’re going to feel confused during every step thereafter. When designing any room in our home, the first thing I do is turn to my favorite blogs and Pinterest, and I create a folder of what’s inspiring me. All the same, take a day or two to pin window-filled rooms that catch your eye, and ask yourself, What do they have in common? Maybe you’ll notice a pattern where the windows are clothed in mostly white. Maybe they have natural shades. Or, maybe, you’ll surprise yourself and realize that most of the rooms add a splash of color through window treatments! Tip: Be sure to follow along with Bali Blinds on Pinterest. It’s a goldmine of window treatment inspiration!

Then, think about your needs. Standing in your room, create a mental wish list. Is privacy the most important? Are you looking for a style that filters light or blocks it? Is energy efficiency the end-all-be-all for you, or perhaps you’re looking to add texture with fabric and pattern? Compare this list to your inspiration board, and pay attention to all the times your wish list collides with your favorite photos. If your board is filled with natural shades and privacy tops your list, you’ve likely found a winner! When in doubt, Bali Blinds offers a helpful description of each type of shade, blind, or drapery on every product page.

Consider the shape and height of your windows. By now, you may narrowed your options down to a select few. At this point, you’d be amiss not to take note to the shape and height of your windows. A smaller window may not want an overwhelming or high contrast treatment, whereas extra large windows might overwhelm the room with a boldly patterned shade. In the end, only you know what will make your heart sing, so stay true to what you love. Remember, you can always refer back to your inspiration board if you’re feeling stuck.

Will it last? Durability should play a role in your decision-making process. Are there little sticky fingers that are likely to pull on drapery? Is this being installed in a high moisture area, such as a bathroom? How easy is it to clean?

Show off your style. Whether you’re a lover of neutrals or bright florals, Bali Blinds has an option for you. This is your chance to show off your style and add the finishing touch to any room! With your favorite type of window treatment in mind, always take advantage of their 10 free swatches. Seeing and feeling a fabric or wood sample has the power to easily create your final decision. I can’t recommend this step highly enough!

Fine tune the details. When it’s time to place your order, you’ll notice that there are typically several options in terms of control. If you have a household with young children and pets, going cordless might be your best bet. If you want the ability to raise and lower blinds with the touch of a button, perhaps motorized is calling your name!

There’s no doubt that window treatments are a great finishing touch to any room, and my hope is that I can make that process less intimidating. And, of course, Bali Blinds is always there to lend a helping hand when needed!

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