Roller Shades for Your Home

Roller shades are such a great way to control light and privacy in a room with a classic, clean look.

There are four types of light filtering fabrics available, from least to most translucent.


Blackout shades are the most opaque and best for a bedroom. Blackout shades don’t allow any light through the fabric. So helpful when you are trying to get a good night’s sleep!


Room-darkening shades aren’t as opaque as the blackout shades, but do provide light blocking for a room. This option is great for a living room where you want privacy and glare prevention, but won’t be sleeping in the room.


Light-filtering shades block less light than room-darkening shades. These can be great for toning down those rooms that get a bit too much sun during some parts of the day.


Sheer shades allow the most light in. These are great for cutting out bright light but still allow a good bit of light into the room.

Once you determine which type of light is best for your room, then select the fabric you want.

The shades come in several colors.

I really like this Pacific fabric. It’s neutral and a lovely gray color.

Night is a dark gray/black color. Every room needs a little black, and this will get you covered and add drama to any room.

If you want interest and pattern, why not try Gemstone Armour? It’s interesting but still fairly neutral and will go with a variety of color palettes and decor styles.

Roller shades can also be used as inside mount or outside mount. If you have lovely decorative trim, I prefer to use an inside mount to show off the beautiful woodwork. If you have a window that does not have trim, then you can go with an outside mount. The ones shown below are inside mount.

Since roller shades are economical, you can easily change them out when you decide to go with a different color scheme. Or simply use neutral colors for your shades so they will work with any design changes you make.

You can install them yourself or have them installed by a professional. They’re easy to install—just check out the Bali how-to videos!

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