Before and after: nursery edition

Do you know what is way better than seeing a pretty room somewhere on the internet? Seeing the real “before” shots of that room! I am such a sucker for a great room transformation, and I love seeing how an ugly mess can turn in to something beautiful and bright. When my hubby and I bought our current home almost three years ago, it was a wreck. Sure, all the walls were standing, but everything else about it was bad. It hadn’t been updated in a very long time, and what was updated was not our style at all!

Luckily, I married a man who has a crazy amount of vision and can instantly see the potential in homes. He was the main reason we bought this current home, and now I am so glad we did! Today, I am going to show you our son’s nursery, the ugly “before” photos, and the beautiful “afters.”

This is what we started with when we first saw this home. The room was so full of stuff, and they even had a huge bookcase totally covering up a window! The whole house was full of stuff everywhere, so it was kind of hard to know what we were getting ourselves in to!

I’ll be totally honest— here’s what the room looked like for a good two years while we lived here. You see, we only had one kid at that point, so he had a bedroom of his own. This room was a total extra room, so we kind of made it our tool room. We are big DIYers, so it was nice having all of our tools and equipment inside the home instead of out in the shed! While it was convenient, it looked terrible! We just always kept the door shut when anyone was over.

We then found out we were pregnant and got to work cleaning it up. We added fun DIY trim to the windows and door and removed all the tools. We even took out the mirrored closet doors and made awesome DIY Barn Doors for the closet. They add so much character!

To bring a room to life, remember— don’t get stuck inside the box for decorating, and don’t think you have to go to a big box store to find something great. We found the dresser in this nursery at an antique furniture auction. It is a true Campaign dresser, so the quality is great but it was beat up. We decided to bring it back to life and paint it using these fool-proof tips!

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Also, especially when decorating a nursery, think of décor items that can transition from baby to big kid. The last thing I ever want to do is get stuck re-doing the entire room once he grows out of the baby stage. I love decorating with items and art that are perfect for a baby AND a big kid! That way you can change out little things here and there, but there’s no need for a full room makeover.

I hope these tips helped—and I hope the next time you walk in to a home that’s a mess, you try hard to see the potential because it is usually there!

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