Seven Drapery Styles You Need to Know


Although drapes can seem pretty straightforward, there are so many options beyond pattern to create a totally custom look. I love playing around with different styles in different rooms and especially love mixing casual patterns with more formal headers—and vice versa—to create style juxtaposition.

I’m usually not a huge fan of grommet top treatments, but, in the photo above, you can see how the grommet top creates a easy-going look for this casual bedroom.

Here are a few other styles you can choose from when configuring your perfect drapery details:


Back tab is typically my favorite; it’s more casual than pleated but it doesn’t show the rod. However, back tab is a little more formal than standard tab top or grommet.

When it comes to drapery styles, what is your go-to? Is there a style you’d love to try and stretch your own style boundaries?

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