Give Your Shades the Spring Clean Treatment

It wasn’t that long ago that I was just talking about our winter care routine around the house, but over the weekend we took a long walk around our neighborhood without jackets. It’s downright smile inducing when that first lukewarm breeze hits your skin! Whether it was the air or the rejuvenating walk, Scott and I talked the whole way home about opening our windows and diving into an old-fashioned cleaning session. Can you feel it? Spring cleaning season is here!

You’ve probably heard me mention that we have a four-pet household. We’re the proud parents of two cats, Maddie and Libby, and two dogs, Jack and CC. We’re often asked by our friends how we keep our home spotless (which, aside from being incredibly flattering, is not always true), but the equation is quite simple: A quick dusting a few times a week + a good vacuum cleaner.


Over the course of the week, we vacuum the floors, we vacuum our furniture, and we vacuum our stairs, doors, and baseboards. I use a microfiber cloth to dust large furniture and common areas, and because we do it so frequently, the job takes less than 15 minutes and doesn’t feel like a chore! But here’s the kicker, once every couple of months, we also vacuum the blinds and shades throughout our home. Think about it: If you’re taking the time to wipe down your window sills, the same everyday dust is likely on your window treatments, too.


All of the shades in our home are fabric (Roman and cellular are our style of choice), as opposed to the more easily wiped wood blinds or shutters. Although they may seem harder to maintain, we actually prefer the texture they lend to the room, and, to be quite honest, dust isn’t as easily noticeable! However, taking down our fabric shades and driving them to our local drycleaner is not only a deal breaker, but it’s also not the recommended cleaning method by Bali Blinds. Here’s what we do to keep them looking their best:

We vacuum. Do you sense a theme? Using the upholstery attachment for our vacuum cleaner, we run the brush across the fabric with a light touch. By also vacuuming loose dirt in all the window nooks, we’re helping to eliminate future grime on our shades!


We spot clean. Should any spills or dirt make their way onto any of our window treatments, we do our best to blot the area immediately. Warm, soapy water and a clean cloth make a great pair for most household stains.


We dust. Between vacuuming we’ll take a moment to run a cloth across our blinds and shades.(Our cellular shades especially love this royal treatment!) We swear by microfiber cloths, which pick up pet hair like a dream! After a few uses, we’ll toss the cloths in the washing machine. Whether you have fabric shades, faux wood or vertical blinds, a regular dusting will keep your treatments–and you!–happy and healthy.


Ready to kick your spring cleaning up a notch? Pay attention to your window treatments, too! For the full cleaning care rundown, head over to Bali Blinds. With spring here, nothing beats that good, deep clean from floor to ceiling, but Scott and I secretly love the day we wash down all the windows and dust our shades. Pull back the blinds, open those windows, and let the spring air breeze in!

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