Shading the reading nook

We have a funny little nook off of our living room. When we bought the house, it was being used as a bedroom, but not needing another bedroom on the first floor (and a very small one at that!), we nixed the door, reversed the closet so that it opened into our entryway (creating the perfect coat storage), and have since painted it. We chose a deep green-blue, as we wanted the space to feel cozy and slightly dramatic; we imagine reading books in here, playing our favorite records, and curling up for a short nap.

nook with no window coverings

The room is a work in progress, to say the least! The chair is a placeholder for something softer and upholstered, and we’ve yet to agree on a rug, although we know we want it to feel cushy on the toes. All that to say, what the room really lacked was any sort of warmth that can be had through textiles. Rather than rush into buying that perfect chair and perfect rug (because we’ve yet to find them), we knew we could still add a bit of flair with blinds—bringing in the textile element this room lacks while affording us a bit of privacy from our very close neighbors.

After browsing the many styles that Bali Blinds has to offer, both Scott and I landed on the Roman shade. We chose a handful of free sample swatches, all in varying shades of gray and white—our go-to neutrals.

roman swatch options

We held up our samples at different times of the day to make sure that nothing leaned too blue, and in the end, we surprisingly both agreed (quite strongly, too!) on the Fenton style in Glow. The swatch showed a beautiful shade of heathered gray with a soft slub pattern, and when it arrived, it did not disappoint! The fabric was thick and sturdy, yet still able to filter light.

roman shade

There were various other factors to decide onas well, such as corded versus cordless, flat versus looped, all of which give you a completely customized shade for whatever your need. In the end? We went with an inside mount with the capability to go bottom up/top down, and we chose the flat style.

We had our Bali shade up in under 15 minutes, and that includes the time it took to read through the instructions, measure, and install! To be fair, we have a solid wood header in our window casing, so anchors weren’t necessary. In any case, once our brackets were installed, the shade quite literally snapped into place, and that was it!

install instructions


There’s something that feels so nice about a well-designed window treatment; everything moves as it should, the weight feels good and strong, and the immediate impact it has on your space is always so inspiring!

roman shade cord lift

nook finished

But perhaps the biggest treat to having our new Roman shade in place? Our mischievous pup, CC, can no longer climb onto our windowsill and bark at the neighbor’s dog! The bottom up/top down feature was a must for us because of this, and while she’ll still sneak onto the furniture to catch a glimpse, our shade has kept the house a bit quieter as well. Who knew? (Don’t let her frown fool you; she may be the most spoiled pooch you’ll ever meet.)

finished nook with dog approval!

Now, if only we could decide on the rest of the room’s furnishings!

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