Stir Crazy? Plan Your Projects Now!

While Arizona is pretty beautiful right now, I realize we are the rarity. With most everyone spending so much time inside, I think it makes us a little stir crazy. But instead of focusing on that, let’s use the time inside to think of new projects! Hop on Pinterest (see my board here with Bali), check out magazines, browse Instagram, and get those ideas brewing.

We’ve decided it’s a necessity this winter to change out our master bedroom lights. Do you want to know a sad, little fact? Those two vintage lights are awesome, but only one works. Yep, the one on the left doesn’t work anymore, and those are our only two lights in the room. So, basically we have a large bedroom lit by one tiny light!


While I still love the idea of using some sort of vintage lighting, I think we keeping our options open to new ones, as well.


The other project I want to tackle this winter is a super simple one. In our last home, we had a super cute laundry room door. With this home, we switched out the basic door again and added this fun older one. We painted it and cleaned it up, but it’s still missing a little something. So, this winter I want to add a cute laundry decal on it—a super easy project that will only take about 20 minutes, but will add so much character.


So what is up your sleeve for this winter? Big projects? Small projects? DIY or hire out? Either way—let’s get those creative juices flowing and get things marked off our lists!

For more design ideas and inspiration, check out Adri and crew over at her blog Dream Book Design.

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