Staying Cool this Summer with Bali Natural Shades


Just in the nick of time—that’s what I keep telling myself! You see … here in Arizona we are show-offs. We tend to skip spring all together. It’s not a form of showing off that I appreciate, but it happens! We already are enduring consistent 90-degree days—that started in February.

See that little window above? It’s at the top of our stairs, and the sun beams in there so strongly that it makes our hardwood floors HOT during the summer. We have never put up a window treatment. Just when we think we can’t take it anymore, the temps retreat and it’s beautiful again. After all, I do enjoy the natural light that pours in. But those hot floors and hot landing area aren’t fun! So this year we upped our game—and we got on it BEFORE summer fully hits!


We love keeping the space nice and neutral, so we went with our favorite Bali Natural Shades in Highpoint MeadowWe added a privacy liner to block out most of the sun, but allow some light in. I love that we won’t bake up there this summer, and our floors will no longer get beat up and faded!

natural shades windownatural shades

And I love the way it looks from the bottom of the stairs. It adds great texture to a space that was previous clean cut. Bali Natural Shades for the win!


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