Vertical Blinds 101: More Exciting Than You Think

Aren’t large windows stunning? There’s nothing like a vast, year-round view of mountains, fields, water, or your peaceful backyard to watch and relax. And did I mention the sunlight? A natural mood enhancer, sunshine washes your living space through wide windows, inviting pets and loved ones to unwind in the lovely, serene space.


The Case for Bali® Vertical Blinds

The particular distinctiveness of large windows means you don’t want to just cover them with anything. As the potential focal point of your room, large windows and patio doors deserve window treatments that are as modern and beautiful as they are functional. Even with your window treatments open, they provide a visual frame for your natural, outdoor artwork.

If you are thinking, “Vertical blinds? Really?” we understand. Once thought of as an unimaginative and perhaps even bland choice for patio doors and large windows, vertical blinds have come a long way, baby. Here’s why you should take a closer look at Bali® Vertical Blinds:

Updated Choices

This year, Bali completely revitalized its selection of vertical blinds, which now includes new designer-inspired, fashion-forward colors, textures, and fabrics! With nearly 150 possibilities—including a wider range of vibrant colors, a new palette of playful patterns, and more fabrics from which to choose—the new Bali Vertical Blinds collection brings fashion into focus.

Vinyl: These durable, traditional vanes come in two styles: crown and S-shaped. Both options are easy to clean, provide excellent privacy, and open easily with a few different control options available. S-shaped vanes close more tightly against each other for better privacy and light control, and resemble waves of fabric when they’re closed.

Fabric: Fabric vanes allow you to have a completely different look for your wide windows and patio doors. Warm and woven, fabric softens your space with a rich, updated look and complements other textures in your home.

Sheer Enchantment®: With flowing, sheer material layered over room-darkening vinyl vanes, Bali Sheer Enchantment Vertical Blinds offer the best combination of comfort and control. Plus, Sheer Enchantment fabrics are easily removed and machine washable—an allergy-friendly option.

Coordinate your home

With our new, updated collection, Bali Vertical Blinds now match other Bali window treatments particularly well—including Bali 2” Vinyl Horizontal Blinds, and Bali Roller and Pleated Shades. For a smart, cohesive look for your open and airy spaces in your home, try pairing fabric vertical blinds with matching fabric pleated shades or Bali Vinyl Vertical Blinds with Bali 2” Vinyl Horizontal Blinds—you’ll see they match perfectly so it’s easy to pull an entire room together.

Start planning!

Got big dreams for your wide windows and patio doors? Let us know what you’re thinking! And get started today requesting free swatches so you can see the many different, updated options available to match your décor.

Get Ready, Get Set, Create – with Bali! There are so many options to explore. . .So many colors, fabrics, styles, and features. . . so much potential for bringing a little zing into a room, or injecting your style into a whole house. So . . .where do you start? Start here. With Bali.

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