The (Window) Fabrics In Our Home

As Scott and I continue renovating each of the rooms in our house—from the reading room to the dining room to the bedroom—at some point, we find ourselves debating fabric swatches when we’re considering window treatments. Our sweet spot for coverings has surprisingly been the ever-casual-but-cool Roman shade, as we now have four rooms where we’ve chosen this style! There’s always that moment of awe when we install shades on our windows, as it never ceases to amaze us how different the room feels. Our preference typically leans towards Roman shades or draperies for the texture and modern coziness they inject into the space, but surprisingly, we don’t always choose the exact same style for every room. A little bit of variance is good for the soul.

First up, I’d like to share our reading room, also lovingly dubbed The Nook. Because our house is really close our neighbor’s, we wanted the privacy of a bottom-up, top-down shade with cord control, which has been especially nice in the evenings. Because our walls in this room are dark, we didn’t want anything too stark. We landed on Fenton Glow, which is a beautiful soft grey with a slight slub throughout.



You can see our dining room from the nook (and vice versa, of course!), and we decided to have a little more fun with this. As our walls were a soft grey to begin with, we opted for a high-contrast, cordless tailored Roman shade in California from the Coastal collection. We love how it plays with the colors along the first floor of our home, even giving a nod toward our navy couch in the same open-concept layout.


Moving into our guest room, we loved the nook shade so much, we went with the same style. Our guest room window overlooks the neighbor’s yard (it’s on the same side of the house as the nook), so the bottom-up, top-down option was just as important for privacy. However, we incorporated a wallpapered accent into this room, and we didn’t want the window treatment to compete for attention. We chose Fenton White, from the same fabric line as our nook shade. As you can see, it’s dog-approved, which is a necessity under this roof!


The second floor of our home is mainly one large home office, and we wanted to highlight the height of our 10′ ceilings with the long, flowing drapery. We had never ordered custom drapery before, and I have to tell you, game changer. We stopped by our local Home Depot to peruse the options in fabrics and flair, and we took a fun risk by incorporating black fringe! It makes me smile every day.



Most recently, you might remember our bedroom renovation. After swapping an unnecessary back door for new windows, we beefed them up with chunky molding and finally topped them with motorized tailored Roman shades! Scott still insists that the Somfy motorized option might be his favorite home tweak that we’ve done to customize our house. I’ll admit that it’s such a treat to open and close the shades from the comfort of our bed.



We still have a few more windows that could use a little love, but this time around, we’re considering roller shades! We’ll keep you updated with our decision, and in the meantime, I’ll be ordering a few sample swatches so we can make a decision.

What are the (window) fabrics in your home? How do you like to switch it up from room to room?

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