Wood Blinds Design Tips for Your Home

I really love the look of wood blinds. They have a vintage feel that also is very current and classy. Let’s talk about selecting the right ones for your home.

Step 1: Select your size. You have a choice of 1″, 2″, or 2 ½” slats. My preference is the larger size—you get an incredible view to the outside—but personally I think you can’t go wrong with any of the sizes.

Step 2: Decide on finish.

bali wood blinds 1

Now this is a very difficult step. There are eight paint colors, 19 stains, and seven unique finishes. If you want your blinds to stand out, choose a stain or a color very different from your wall color. If you want them to blend in, select a color close to your wall color. For a house with light colors, I would probably go with a white or light color. For a home with loads of color, I would probably go with a stain. I love an antique look, so I would probably go with “Sandblast Snowstorm.”

bali wood blinds 2

This is a creamy color that looks distressed or antique.

Step 3: Choose control type.

bali wood blinds 3

Your choices are cord tilt with cord lift (a traditional cord for blinds), a wand tilt with cord lift, a wand tilt with cordless lift, or motorized tilt with cord lift. I have Bali Wood blinds with cordless lift and it is beyond compare. I’ve had other cordless blinds from other companies that fell apart quickly, but my Bali cordless system works like a charm three years later with daily use. The blinds stay level right where you leave them, so I recommend the cordless choice. You don’t have the hassle and clutter of the cord, and you get a quality mechanism that works well for the long haul. Plus, cordless lift is a safer option for homes with kids or pets.

Step 4: Select decorative tassels.

bali wood blinds 5

If you end up selecting blinds with cords, you’ll need tassels for the ends. I really like the flared wood tassel.

Step 5: Determine your preferred privacy option.

bali wood blinds 4

NoHoles™ looks like a wonderful option. This is a patented design that eliminates route holes in the slats to provide even more privacy, and it also blocks more light. If you select cordless lift, you need to go with standard route holes, however.

Step 6: Choose a cloth tape color.

bali wood blinds 7

I would select something close to the color you selected for your blinds. For my choice, “Duck White” would work well. You can pick the 1 ½” width or the 1″. I prefer the 1 ½” width, but the thinner one would be nice, as well.

Step 7: Select your valance style.

bali wood blinds 6

The valance goes at the top of the window. There are several options that range from 2 ½” to 4 ½” tall. They are all quite nice, but my favorite is the Traditional Valance.

Once you make your selections, you are on your way to enjoying your windows to their fullest. I love wood blinds because they can be moved up and out of the way when you want maximum light coming in, or you can close them completely for privacy. Blinds are great because you can tilt the slats to control the amount of light and privacy whenever you want.

Once they’re installed, all you have left to do is enjoy them.

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